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About Us

SW3 Solutions is involved in Education industry by offering “eSchool Management System”. A complete school management system is a project of SW3 Solutions.

It is an extensive educational institute management system for Schools, Colleges and Universities. eSchool is a complete, and powerful educational system with all backend administration functions of the educational institute and online application to bring manage, administration, parents teachers and students on a common interactive platform. It significantly reduces staff time spend on administrative tasks, also helps to improve data consistency and efficiency.

eSchool is a result of our years of research in local education sector. We have developed this system in a very efficient manner so that we can customize it easily for any educational institute’s specific requirements.

SW3 Solutions has launched an android app for Parents to monitor their children activities in the schol like: (children profile, daily diary information, timetable, attendance, billing and report cards information). That app is available for FREE to the client with SW3 Solutions branding. If the school wants its own branding, we have provide a customized/branded version to the client. For charges, please get back to us.



We take pride in making user friendly software where no need of any programmer or database experts. We are committed to provide complete solutions and services on time, all the time. Many customers are not aware the strength of Information Technology due to some complexity but with the help of our software they can accomplish to strive the global expeditions.


Our Mission

To help people save time and money with affordable products of SW3 Solutions. We strive to furnish excellent value to ensure loyal, long term relationships with our clients. All of our staff is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity, quality, courtesy and professionalism.


Why to choose eSchool?

As an administrator, we know you want to increase enrollment, improve communications, and get parents more involved. You want to get rid of your outdated school management software, and switch to an integrated, completely cloud-based  school management and student information system. eSchool does it all.

A complete school management system is a project of SW3 Solutions which offer an online school administration and student information system that’s truly affordable. eSchool management system is based on open source technologies providing web based interface, that has been especially designed considering the challenges institutes come across. Some of these challenges are low cost ownership, mediocre IT infrastructure; skill set level requirements, resource optimization, parent-student-teacher community interaction, security and stability. Emphasis has been given on easy-to-use interface. The menu-driven screens have detailed explanations and offer several options. The user needs no programmers or database experts to benefits from this system.

A single, complete school management system to accommodate the varied needs of administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Take some time to explore the awesome features that we offer at a very affordable price.

  • One point solution for total educational institute management
  • Reflect your Institute’s unique character
  • Helps build image of a modern techno savvy institution
  • Reduce papers/files, save environment and money
  • Run it on your intranet or internet
  • Platform independent i.e. run on Windows, MAC and Linux
  • Cloud server ready architecture, host and use
  • More Secure & Powerful on Cloud Infrastructure
  • User friendly application interface, multiple themes
  • Engineered to be customization friendly
  • Enabled internet front-end for school portal
  • Secure and reliable, satisfy all modern security standards
  • Process depending on automation, not on people
  • Work flow automation
  • Online information available on finger tips
  • Searchable archive of historical data
  • More economical and safer means of storing and keeping track of information
  • Modules wise pricing structure
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Automated processes leading to improved resource allocation and sharing
  • Reduces errors and eliminating the boredom of long and repetitive manual processing
  • High scalability and reliability to support your growth and need
  • Customized reports designing
  • Greater accountability and transparency in operations
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in administration and management as it has unprecedented access to real-time information
  • SMS and Email alerts to administrators/teachers/parents/students.
  • 24/7 support availability to help you whenever you encounter a problem or have a question.


Additional Services:

SW3 solutions is also providing additional services as per client request. For charges, please get back to us. Details of additional services are as under:

  • School Website (Mobile Friendly)
  • School Blog
  • Online Students Registration
  • Biometric Machine Integration for Attendance
  • Google Emails Setup