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Education system outlines the backbone of every nation. Technology plays a very crucial role in streamlining the whole system of education. Exploring the technological approach to education, streamlining education process and increasing relationship amongst students, staff, parents and management has become an essential for today's fast growing educational environment.

eSchool is based on open source technologies providing web based interface, that has been especially designed considering the challenges institutes come across. Some of these challenges are low cost ownership, mediocre IT infrastructure; skill set level requirements, resource optimization, parent-student-teacher community interaction, security and stability. Emphasis has been given on easy-to-use interface. The menu-driven screens have detailed explanations and offer several options. The user needs no programmers or database experts to benefits from this system.

  • eSchool Core Features

    • Online web-based application, cloud ready architecture
    • Multiple branches management
    • Centralized database with double auto-backup feature
    • Schools, academic years, subjects, class/sections management
    • Admin users with rights management
    • Limited access of data to each user (customizable)
    • Teacher'sportal
    • Student's/parent's portal
    • Integration with school website/blog
    • Online student registrations
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  • eSchool for Management, Administrators & Accountants

    • Single po-int institute software management
    • Manage multiple school branches
    • Enable internet front-end for the school
    • Connect with parents and other stakeholders effectively
    • Build & manage community of parents, teachers and students
    • Manage all administrative records with zero redundancy
    • Achieve best possible resource optimization
    • Complete students/employees profile on a single click
    • Easily communicate with teachers/students/parents through SMS/emails
    • Automate all operational functions like fees, payroll, attendance, and exam management
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  • eSchool for Teachers

    • Manage student's Marks/Grades
    • Manage student's Attendance
    • Manage student's Comments
    • View Timetable
    • View notices/alerts
    • View/update assigned events tasks
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  • eSchool for Parents & Students

    • Get connected with institute effectively and easily
    • Know status about your child through attendance, marks, fees etc...
    • Get the child Report Cards, Fee Vouchers online
    • Request Child Registration online through website
    • Interact with teachers through internal messaging system
    • Share knowledge and views with other parents and institute through Website/Blog
    • Get latest update about institute through Image Gallery, News etc...
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Upcomig Features

There are lot more features in the pipeline and will be available in the coming weeks.

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Go Paperless

Reduce the use of paper for everything in your institute, save environment and money too.

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Client Testimonials

  • We are extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the service we received. Our transition was smooth, and the customer support is clear and responsive. Using eSchool has revolutionized communication throughout our school branches. As an experienced school administrator, I am extremely pleased with eSchool software, and am grateful for the opportunity to recommend it to others.

    Nadeem Rana, Admin Manager, American Lycetuff

eSchool Happy Clients

  • TIMES University
  • American Lycetuff
  • Lahore PreSchool
  • Learning Alliance
  • LGS (Defence)
  • The Arqam Schools
  • Abdali Grammar School
  • Aal-e-Imran School System
  • Bilad-ul-Ilm School System
  • EGC Academy
  • Eduction Development Network
  • Hajvery Cadet School
  • The Knowledge School System
  • City College Multan
  • Shakespeare LC
  • Stepping Stones

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